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I am SO HAPPY that I got the chance to work with Keli. The decision to refinance turns out to be one of the best decisions I’ve made in years.  I loved all the personal and hands on attention she gave me during the process. Sometimes you need someone to hold your hand and work with you. She did that and more. From start to finish she was involved in every step. It was like having a personal assistant, which is what you want and need when your schedule makes it difficult to find time to work in that One More Thing To Do.

Not to sound overly dramatic, but pursuing a refi literally CHANGED MY LIFE!  I’m now 100% debt free, except my mortgage payment which didn’t go up AT ALL.  I’m no longer paying interest to credit card companies, my credit score is higher than it’s ever been in my entire life and I have that extra disposable income every month, which is great because I can put that money towards the principal of my mortgage allowing me to pay that off even quicker.

Make sure you call Keli TODAY. Refi may or may not be the right decision for you, but it’s definitely worth a conversation and the opportunity to make a fully educated decision.”


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